Loving and Living the Quran

Practice of pausing (cont.)

  • Recognize the trigger.
  • Press pause for at least 6 seconds.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Consider your reaction in a situation from a place of Ihsan.
  • Remember the tools Allah has provided you- self-awareness, power of choice, guidance and ability to consult with others.
  • Develop a mantra or an affirmation.
  • Press play again to continue in a better way.

Practices to develop self-control over time:

  • Practice doing one thing at one time.
  • Reduce inputs- news, social media, lectures.
  • Spending time in silence as it allows our spirit to grow.

Three keys to living a life of Ihsan:

  1. Spend when you have plenty and spend in challenging times.
  2. Restrain your anger.
  3. Pardon and forgive.

Key 1: Spending in good and bad times:

  • Do good to others as Allah has done good to you.
  • It keeps the flow of blessings going.
  • Remind yourself that Allah has provided you with these blessings.
  • If you bring good, Allah will provide multifold blessings.
  • Charity begins at home. 

Research on the connection between money and happiness:

  • Having more does not make you more generous.
  • Paradox of generosity- when you give more you are happier.
  • Give because of good intentions.
  • Making a practice of giving makes you more open-hearted.

Effects of materialism:

  • It is highly correlated with being dissatisfied with one’s life.
  • Results in low self- esteem and less integration in the community. 
  • Find less meaning in life.
  • Less concerned about the welfare of others.
  • Less satisfied with family lives.
  • Less fun and enjoyment in what they experience.
  • More likely to be depressed and envious.


Ghurar al-Hikam: comprehensive collection of short quotations and aphorisms by Ali ibn Abi Talib. 


SURAH AL-QASAS [28:76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84]

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