Loving and Living the Quran


 In this lecture we discuss the virtue of Sabr which is usually translated as Patience but it is so much more than that. In this lecture we discuss the three parts of the virtue of Sabr and what modern research says about it

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In this lecture we discuss the virtue of contentment and why it is the foundation of gratitude and compassion. 

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Essential Virtues for Developing Nobility of Character

I have been sent to perfect the nobility of your character”. Prophet Mohammed (saw)

The Holy Prophet (saw) articulated his mission as supporting the perfection of character of his Umma. He himself was a living example of what nobility of character looks like in action. The Quran testifies to this by saying “And most surely you are of a tremendous nature.” (The Holy Quran, 68:4 )

In these series of talks, we will inshallah discuss the essential elements of a noble character as taught to us by the Prophet (saw) and his family. We will discuss various aspects of virtues that make up a Noble Character, such as Courage, Compassion, Patience and Gratitude among others.

We will focus on practical tools to nurture and strengthen these virtues within ourselves so that we can help realize the mission of the Holy Prophet (saw).  At the end of the series, we hope to have a clear picture of what the virtue looks like in action and practical ways to practice the virtue for ourselves in our daily lives.

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