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Sura Juma starts with subhan of Allah and then we are told the reason why the Holy Prophet (saw) was sent.

A part of the Sura was sent down on the occasion when a trade caravan arrived in Madinah right at the time of Friday congregation prayer. During the service when the people heard the noise and call of the traders calling out to sell their wares, they left the Prophet's mosque and rushed to the caravan although the Prophet was delivering the Sermon. Thereupon it was enjoined that when the call for the Friday Prayer was made all trade, business and other occupation must stop. Upon hearing the call, believers should suspend every kind of transaction and hasten to the remembrance of Allah.

However, when the prayer is over they can go back and resume their normal business. We are told that the remembrance of Allah swt is better than trade if only we were conscious of it. 

This is a recording from a live session in 2007

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Chapter 95 Sura Teen

Recording of live sessions from one of the early meetings of Quran Study Circle. 

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