Loving and Living the Quran

In this short episode, we discuss adjusting to the post parenting years, what is to be expected, and how to cope if you are experiencing challenges

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We explore the strenghts and means we have in resisting the Shaytan

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In this episode, we look at Quranic ayat to explore the ways that Shaytan uses to misguide us

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Chapter 35 Sura Fatir part 1
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In this episode, we wrap up our discussion on Dua Kumayl. In the last part of the dua, Imam asks for a life based on Khidma (service), so we explore what it means to live a life of service, of purpose and how to find and use your gifts and talents in the service of humanity.

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In this lecture we explore the concept of humility before Allah swt and humility with people. The Dua itself is an excellent example of how an abd of Allah is to adopt a position of humility and yet have an intimate relationship with His Lord. We then examine what humility looks like and explore practical strategies to cultivate humility within our hearts.

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