Loving and Living the Quran

This verse from Sura Baqara explains the purpose of fasting for us and reminds us that nations before us have also fasted. We discuss the three levels of fasting and how we can aim to fulfill the purpose of fasting.

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The verse from Sura Yunus lays out a roadmap of what the functions of the Quran are: 

  1. Maw‘idhah An advice, a reminder to do good that is done gently, with care and concern.

  2. Shiffaun: A cure for what is in the chests.

  3. Huddan: A guidance. A clear guidance on the path, on the outcomes of different actions

  4. Rahma: A mercy: It lays out the outcome of our actions while we are still able to change direction

Using this verse, we can begin to assess our own relationship with the message and develop a more meaningful relationship with our holy book. 

Here are the some of reflection questions we used: 


Is the Quran relevant to my life?

Advice: Do verses come to mind when I am struggling or confused about something in my life? 

Healing: Do I use the verses to cure the dis-ease in my soul? Do I use it to purify my heart? Is it a companion in loneliness? 

Guidance: Do I use the Quran for guidance? Do I consult it when I need to make a decision about something? Does it guide my actions? 

Mercy: Am I in touch with His Mercy when I recite the Quran? How?

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