Loving and Living the Quran

This Sura contains seventy seven verses and it has been sent down in Mecca.In this session we will begin with verse 30 of this sura.

These noble verses sympathizes on one hand with the Prophet (S) and the believers, and on the other hand it threats pretext-seeking polytheists the kind of whose words were somehow mentioned in the previous verses.

It also refers to the history of previous nations and their gloomy destiny and it specially puts emphasis on six nations (Pharaohs, Noah’s nation, the people of ‘Ad and Thamūd, the people of Lūt, and the people of the Ditch).

The Virtue of Reciting Al-Furqan

There is a tradition quoted from ‘Ishaq-ibn-‘Ammar from Hadrat ‘Abul-Hassan Musa-ibn-Ja’far who told him:

“Do not abandon reading Sura /tabaraka/ (Al-Furqan) since if any (believer) reads it every night, He will not punish him at all and He will not reckon him and his abode will be in the Exalted Firdaus (Paradise).”(Thawab-ul-’A‘mal, by Saduq, according to Nur-uth-Thaqalyn, Vol. 4, p. 2)

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