Loving and Living the Quran

This Sura contains seventy seven verses and it has been sent down in Mecca.

In the first verses of this Sura, the Qur’an has rendered it into ‘Furqan’ which means the separator of right from wrong; and that is why this Sura has been called ‘Furqan’.

This Sura consists of some verses about the pretexts of the pagans and the answers given to them.

They are also about the lives of the former peoples, such as; the people of Rass, and the people’s regret in the Hereafter, the signs of Unity, the greatness of Allah in nature, and the comparison of believers with unbelievers; but the most important part of the verses of this holy Sura is about the qualities of /‘ibad-ur-rahman/ (the servants of Allah) who are the true servants of Allah, which begins from verse 63 up to the end of the Sura.

The Virtue of Reciting Al-Furqan

There is a tradition quoted from ‘Ishaq-ibn-‘Ammar from Hadrat ‘Abul-Hassan Musa-ibn-Ja’far who told him:

“Do not abandon reading Sura /tabaraka/ (Al-Furqan) since if any (believer) reads it every night, He will not punish him at all and He will not reckon him and his abode will be in the Exalted Firdaus (Paradise).”(Thawab-ul-’A‘mal, by Saduq, according to Nur-uth-Thaqalyn, Vol. 4, p. 2)

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