Loving and Living the Quran
Chapter 32 Sura Sajda verses 18 - 22

Continuing with our study of Sura Sajda, these verses explain how a believer and a transgressor are not the same - in fact, their outlook on life, their perceptions and their actions are all polar opposites. While the believers have a vision for the Hereafter and act accordingly, the transgressors are focused on following their whims based on very short term thinking. It is natural that they will different eventual outcomes. 

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Chapter 32 Sura Sajda verses 15 - 17

These verses contain the profile of those who believe in the communications of Allah swt. The verses list 8 actions of believers and how they respond to the communications of their Lord. 

We also cover the rules of prostration when we recite a which contains an obligatory prostration. 

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