Loving and Living the Quran

In this episode, we use the foundations of Mindful Communication to explore a rather challenging kind of communication: Our responsibility to give feedback Amr bil Maroof and doing amr bil maroof – enjoining good and discouraging evil.

Providing advice by enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is an integral part of Islamic teachings. And yet it is more challenging today than ever, in part because we often do not have a shared value system and also because we are led to believe that minding our own business is a good thing.

In this lecture we try and understand why it is essential to keep each other accountable by giving feedback when appropriate.

We also discuss appropriate ways to give feedback so that it is more likely to be accepted. 

Apologies for the less-than-ideal quality of the audio. Did not realize that there was a fan right behind the microphone!

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