Loving and Living the Quran

Three keys to living a life of Ihsan (cont.)

 Key 2: Restrain anger- what is anger?

  • The Holy Quran talks about ‘ghayz’- inner rage and ‘ghadab’- anger manifested in words or actions. 
  • If ‘ghayz’ is not managed, it will show up as ‘ghadab’.
  • Allah has created us perfectly and anger is not a design flaw within us.
  • Anger is a psychological state that results from inner agitation and desire for revenge. 
  • Anger has a great potential to be misused. 
  • It’s a signal amplifier signifying what is important to a person. 
  • Anger hides more vulnerable emotions.
  • Unprocessed emotions will eventually cause disease in our bodies.
  • Both extremes of either unleashing or deny anger are unhealthy for a person’s physical and mental well-being. 
  • When it becomes a habit to blame others for one’s anger, then that insanity becomes fixed. Anger is a very energizing emotion as it is meant to deal with a threat.
  • Anger gives one a feeling of power and righteousness which then feeds the ego and ends up depriving one’s soul and spirit.

How to control anger:

  • When such anger is experienced one must always remember the wrath of God. 
  • The faculty of anger which has been given to us has to be used in a balanced way.
  • True power lies not in unleashing but in controlling anger.
  • Instead of just feeling angry, turn that anger into productive action which leads to social movements being born.
  • The proper use of the emotion of anger helps with the establishment and maintenance of a just social order and civic life.



“Forty Hadith” by  Ruhollah Khomeini

“Al-Ghazzali On Disciplining the Self” by  Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazzali

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