Loving and Living the Quran

In this episode we talk about a very important skill in Mindful Communication and that is listening.

Hearing is the physical process of receiving the message and is automatic, unlike listeningMindless listening occurs when we react automatically and routinely, without mental investment, to messages. Mindful listening occurs when careful and thoughtful attention is paid to messages received.

While voicing our opinion or offering advice, especially when these things are asked of us, is a vital part of human communication, there are times when refraining from offering these things and simply deeply listening to someone can be powerful for both speaker and listener.

ML is a skill because very often it does not come naturally. Tt really does need to be learnt and practiced. Almost none of us are naturally good listeners because in a sense we have to get over ourselves, we have to put our own agenda aside for the time being and be fully present for another person. Dialogue takes place between two people not just with tongues and ears but with the hearts and minds – meeting of the minds – pouring your heart out.

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